Gary joined the Hunters for the Hungry program in ????. Although he wasn’t an official staff member his heart was drawn to the program.

Amy, Nick, Jordan, David, & Jayden


Amy is a Bedford native of forty five years and the proud mother of four gifts from God.  In her free time, she enjoys going to her kid’s ball games, fishing, kayaking, hiking and gardening. 

She started her job with Hunter’s for the Hungry in March of 2019 but this program has been part of her life since she was a teenager.  She met David Horne in 1990, who then became her brother-in-law in 1996.  What a blessing and honor it was to witness the beginning of an endeavor and to now have become a part in its mission to help feed the needy all across the state!  Amy knows there is still so much to learn but is thoroughly enjoying that process in the office, as well as meeting all of the wonderful people who work with and support the Hunters for the Hungry effort.