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Thanks to all those who participated in the BIG DOE Contest.

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Update from Hunters for the Hungry - Please Read! 

The Hunters for the Hungry program expresses it sincere gratitude to every corporation, business, organization, and individual for all they have given to support our feeding efforts. Since 1991 we have been blessed with the deer and dollars that have allowed us to process and distribute over 5.2 million pounds of high protein low fat venison to those in need all across Virginia. This amount equals 20.9 million quarter pound servings going to those who hunger in our communities!

Our goal for 2013 is 370,000 pounds and will help us to meet the increasing demand we see from feeding programs all across Virginia!

Would you help us meet this need this year!


You, the hunters of Virginia, are such a key part of the success of our overall feeding efforts! As noted, you have donated in excess of 20.9 million quarter pound servings of venison to those who hunger in our state! We thank you for your generosity in sharing your harvest!

In 2010, hunters donated a record 407,796 pounds of meat which provided 1.63 million quarter pound servings to the poor. However, the last two hunting seasons have seen the amount of meat donated dramatically decreased! We were down by 112,000 pounds in 2012!

Donations of Deer Needed! We continue to need donated deer. Funds are available to process the deer. Hunters we NEED your donated deer.

The need for this lean high protein meat is GREAT!

Please donate as many deer as possible this season and challenge your fellow hunters and / or hunt club members to do the same! There are many children, families, and elderly citizens who are struggling to make ends meet and are counting on you for the precious red meat they receive. Local and state foodbanks and church food pantries are in desperate need of lean meat.

We challenge you to harvest mature, large-bodied deer and donate them at the closest processor or collection site in your area! For a complete listing of participating processing locations, please contact our office at 1-800-352-4868 or visit the processor listing here on our website!

Help us to promote the hunting heritage you love and enjoy while allowing us to provide for those in need and care for our fellow man!

2013 Processor List - Updated 12/20/13

Do you hunt Campbell, Bedford, Amherst County or Lynchburg City? 

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UTV Raffle Winner

Posted August 15, 2013

WHG and Lynn Stevenson III from Afton, VA - Ticket # 5463

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Upcoming Events - Updated 1/2/14

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3/4/13 - Hunting Package Raffle - Winners Announced 

1/8/13 - 4th Annual Flying Rabbit Sporting Clays Fun Shoot Results and Sponsors  

11/26/12 - 11th Annual David Horne Golf Tournament Results

Please check out the SPONSORS for this event. 

12/20/12  - 2012 Holiday Raffle Winners 

11/19/12 - Press Release - Walmart Support HFTH in Big Way! 

11/18/12 - Press Release - More Venison Needed! 

3/30/12 - 2011 - 2012 Fall Winter Raffle Winners  

3rd Annual Flying Rabbit Sporting Clays Fun Shoot Results and Sponsors - Posted 11/16/11

5th Annual WSLS 10 / Hunters for the Hungry Sportsmen's Banquet - Posted 11/1/11

July 21, 2011 - Press Release -  Hunters for the Hungry Holds Seventh Annual Sporting Clays Event

August 30, 2011 - Press Release -  Spring Lake Archery Park Benefit Archery Shoot Fundraiser in Moneta Virginia.

407,796 pounds or 1.6 million servings were provided to those in need throughout Virginia in 2010

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Hunters for the Hungry David H. Horne Special Edition Box Turkey Call

Feeding Virginia's hungry is the driving force behind our program. Individuals across Virginia, hunters and non-hunters, are combining their efforts and financial support to feed the needy. Although much has been done, there remains much more to do. We have stated all along the potential exists to receive, process, and distribute 500,000 pounds of venison annually to the less fortunate across Virginia. 2010 has not only proved that goal is achievable, but has set a new standard for what the efforts of hunters, concerned individuals and businesses can do for the less fortunate.  Even though a milestone was reached this year, financial support still remains the limiting factor. A $40-dollar TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution will enable us to accept another hunter's donation of a deer and this provides 50-pounds of nutritious venison to a needy family. To find out how you can help CLICK HERE.

Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of those in need!

Question concerning the HFTH program, making donations, purchasing merchandise or any other question related to the HFTH organization should be directed

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