Donating Deer


The hunters of Virginia have given so generously of their harvest and have been so instrumental in helping Hunters for the Hungry in their fight against hunger. Since the program began in 1991 hunters have helped in donating a total of 7,411,539 pounds of venison since the program began in 1991! You have helped us to touch lives in the most noble of ways by giving those struggling with hunger something to eat. Because of your support we have processed and distributed 29.6 million quarter pound servings of lean red meat to men, women, and children throughout Virginia.

WE ARE CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF OPERATION AND IF WE RECEIVE THE DEER AND DOLLARS WE ARE LOOKING TO HIT OR EXCEED THE 30 MILLION SERVING MARK!  If you are so blessed please consider donating deer and any financial gift you could make to help us continue to touch lives AND to promote our hunting heritage in a positive way!

Donating is simple – just take your legally harvested and field dressed deer to one of our collection points or to one of our participating processors.  The donation of large bodied mature deer help us to use the financial gifts that are given to the program cost-effectively.

Please see the following under this menu- How to Donate and the List of Participating Processors.

Your donation of deer means so much to people who are struggling to make ends meet.  Thank you for sharing your harvest so that others can have quality food to eat. Your kindness and compassion are greatly appreciated.

See our 2021 Participating Processor listing as of NOVEMBER 12, 2021 below!