Current Flyer for Hunters

Attention Hunters!!!!

We Desperately Need your Help to Feed those who Hunger!

 As of the first week of December, the Hunters for the Hungry program finds itself at a 17 year low in the number of pounds of venison it has been able to make available to those who are hungry in our state. Since its beginning in 1991, the program has been blessed to process and distribute over 5.6 million pounds of venison, over 22.2 million quarter pound servings, to food-banks, missions, pantries and other feeding programs all across Virginia. Hunters and non-hunters have worked together hand in hand to make this possible and to allow us to touch lives in the most noble of ways, by giving someone something to eat! However, due to the extremely low number of deer donations, Hunters for the Hungry has been unable to provide any meat to about 33% of the agencies we would normally give meat to, with the remaining programs who depend on our program receiving significantly less meat than in years past. This means many are having to go without getting the high protein resource of venison in their meals.

During this season of giving, we truly need every hunter, hunting group and club, to give us their help and commit to harvesting a deer, or two, or more if you are so blessed and to donate those deer to our program. For every good size deer the program receives, we can process and distribute 50 pounds of high protein low fat venison which will provide approximately 200 quarter pound servings to a man, woman, or child struggling with hunger! Just think that as you get out and enjoy the hunting tradition, we are able to use the resource we have in the white-tailed deer to provide for God’s most precious resource, our fellow man! It is a great opportunity for all hunters to “give back” to their community and to promote the hunting heritage in the most positive of ways!

PLEASE help us help others during this Holiday season and be a blessing to so many families and individuals who are in need through the winter!

To find locations to donate or for information on donating your harvested deer call:  1-800-352-4868 or visit our website at