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  Thank you to all the hunters who donated deer and thank you to all the financial donors who gave funds for processing. All of you have made a difference to many people who needed food this year. As of March 14,2015 we have received bills for 231,628 pounds of venison for the 2014 season allowing us to provide 926,512 quarter pound servings! We are very grateful for your help!

Click here for the winners of the Shanghai Meat Processors Raffle – shanghai_meat_processing_raffle_winners

Also a thank you goes out to Jason Holley, Chris Blair, and Joe Thornton who donated their first prize winnings from the Southside Predator Hunt to our program.

meat arringtons orchard

Thank you hunters! Hunting Creek Baptist Church’s Food Pantry picked up this truckload of venison from Arrington’s Orchard.  It will be distributed to those in need in Bedford County. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to make this quality meat available.

We are a 501 (c) (3) charity that operates statewide.  Through the generosity of Virginia hunters and many financial contributors we have been able to provide over 23 million quarter-pound servings of venison since our program began in 1991.  Our goal for this year is to provide 325,000 pounds of venison to people in need in Virginia.   If we are successful this will allow us to provide 1.3 million quarter-pound servings of lean nutritious meat. Please explore our website to see how you can get involved.


Travis Scala, left with Bryce Packett of Hacks Neck Hunt Club who helped him harvest this beautiful buck.